Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village

Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village is an experienced, professional upholstery and reupholstery company based in Westlake Village, Los Angeles. We were founded in 1976, and since then have been providing world-class residential and commercial furniture and upholstery solutions to residents of Westlake Village and in greater Los Angeles.

The company is renowned and regarded as one of the most trusted upholstery and reupholstery companies in Westlake Village with more than three decades of proven experience in the upholstery industry in Los Angeles.

Our team consists of a group of highly skilled upholsterers who are committed to providing the best, long-lasting furniture, upholstery, and reupholstery services. Our mission and goal are to provide excellent furniture, upholstery, and reupholstery services to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality custom furniture and commercial upholstery service in Westlake Village and its surrounding cities and towns.

If you are looking for the most reliable upholstery experts who guarantees to provide the best sofas, chairs, walls, patio cushions, slipcovers, antique furniture, custom upholstered furniture, restaurant booths, hotel furniture, headboards, etc., at the best prices—visit Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village for all of your furniture and upholstery needs.

Our ServicesCustom upholstered furniture Westlake Village

At Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village, we are very knowledgeable and innovative when it comes to designing and manufacturing furniture and upholstery that will delight and satisfy customers. We have the most creative and talented artisans in our team who are capable of making anything you have in mind about your dream furniture.

If you like custom upholstered furniture or want to make a piece of furniture based on your customized design—come to us, and we will make it for you at a fraction of the cost! Whether you are looking for that beautiful sofa, chair, or customized cushions you have seen on TV or a magazine, our upholsterers will gladly make that furniture from scratch.

Our upholstery services range from designing and manufacturing custom furniture upholstery to upholstery fabrics. We also provide excellent furniture reupholstering and restorations, including antique furniture at reasonable rates.

We offer custom upholstery designs, commercial furniture, foam replacements, furniture refinishing services, high-grade upholstery fabrics, commercial upholstery solutions, hotel & hospitality upholstery, restaurant booth upholstery, wall upholstery, and many more. Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village also sell a vast variety of unique imported furniture and upholstery accessories from large global brands.

Additionally, we also sell various upholstery leathers, vinyl, suede, velvets, outdoor & patio furniture, patio cushions, complete furniture sets (homes, offices, bedrooms, kitchens), marine & yacht upholstery, custom upholstered headboards, reshaped furniture, leather chairs, loveseats, sectionals, custom slipcovers, sleeper sofas, etc.

Moreover, we also provide our clients with a wide variety of distinctive finishing touches like pillow trims, cushion trims, etc.  Whether you are after basic, modern, minimal, or luxurious furniture or custom upholstered furniture— anything you suggest, Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village can provide it. Contact us now for a quotation or consultation with our upholstery professionals free of charge! For estimates, and quotes, Call us at (your number) or email us at (your email).

Why Choose Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village?


We have more than 20 years of expertise in crafting custom upholstered furniture, commercial furniture, and other quality upholstery at the best prices. We are proud to let our customers know that we are one of the best upholstery and reupholstery shops in Westlake Village, especially when it comes to making custom upholstered furniture for homes and offices.

Our skilled upholstery makers are more than just some people who are making furniture. They are experienced artisans who design and manufacture every piece of upholstery with unmatched attention to detail, utmost care, and dedication.

At Choose Custom upholstered furniture Westlake Village, we are committed only to provide the best custom upholstered furniture with top quality craftsmanship. We guarantee that we will never compromise on the quality of our upholstery regardless of the circumstances. Customers can be assured that when they buy any furniture from us, whether its custom upholstered furniture or any basic furniture, they will be getting top quality furniture that will exceed their expectations.

To ensure quality, we source all of our raw materials from the best suppliers all over the world. We make all of the furniture at our own modern mills using the latest and the best machines and production processes.  If you live in Westlake Village and looking for the best custom upholstered furniture or professional upholstery and reupholstery services at the lowest price, make us your perfect upholstery partner.