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Furniture Restoration Westlake Village is a furniture upholstery manufacturer and restoration company in Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1980, we have been manufacturing and restoring all kinds of furniture and upholstery, including antique furniture for over 30 years. We are one of the most trusted and low-cost providers of new furniture and upholstery and furniture restoration services in Westlake Village and its surrounding areas.

Besides, providing world-class and long-lasting furniture restoration services, we also offer furniture repairs and reupholstery services. Our clients include homeowners, restaurants, hotels, large businesses, corporate offices, and other major commercial entities.

If you are searching for the best upholstery and furniture restoration professionals in Westlake Village, who will restore your chair, couches, and your cherished antique furniture at an affordable price, it is at the Furniture Restoration Westlake Village!

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Whether it’s antique or high-quality furniture, it will sustain some form of wear and tear or damage as years go by. Not restoring it or reupholstering it will reduce the useful of the furniture and upholstery. Furniture, if used daily, for a long time, or has been sitting idle or unused in storage for a long time; will have damages like scratches, torn leather or fabric, water damage, flattened or muddy foam paint fading, etc.

It is essential to maintain antique furniture as well as any furniture for it to remain in pristine condition which will not only extend the longevity of the furniture but also reduce your new furniture expenses. 

Our experienced furniture restoration professionals at Furniture Restoration Westlake Village has all the needed skills and expertise to restore any furniture piece to its original condition. The restoration of any antique or beautiful piece of furnishing is a painstakingly hard process, but it is necessary to bring it to its former glory, beauty, value, and functionality.

If you are looking for a reliable, and most trusted furniture restoration experts in Westlake Village, you are in the right place!

At Furniture Restoration Westlake Village, we offer low-cost furniture upholstery and restoration services, including antique furniture restorations better than anybody else in Westlake Village. Our antique furniture restorations are unmatched and are some of the most reliable and long-lasting than anybody else. We offer furniture re-upholstery, antique furniture restoration, slipcovers, custom pillows, cushions, slipcover repairs, upholstery leathers, and fabrics, custom indoor and indoor furniture upholstery, hospitality upholstery, restaurant booths upholstery, wall upholstery, etc. 

Additionally, we provide custom upholstery and reupholstery services. Just consult with our expert upholsterers, and they will make your custom furniture and upholstery based on your preferred texture, pattern, or color. Moreover, we also provide furniture retouching, refinishing, termite treatment for furniture, gold leaf treatment, polish treatment services, and much more. For our upholstery team, no job is too big or too small.

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Why Choose Furniture Restoration Westlake Village?

Furniture Restoration Westlake Village believes in providing the best quality furniture restoration services in Westlake Village. Our experienced furniture restoration specialists and designers are experts in antique and beautiful furnishing restoration, reupholstery, and refinishing. When it comes to antique and beautiful furnishing restoration, we only use the latest furniture restoration techniques and the highest quality materials.

We will carefully inspect your damaged furniture, replace or repair worn upholstery, fix damaged fabrics or joints, repair loose springs, replace worn or flattened foam, and restore your wooden antique and fine furniture to its former glory.

Unlike our competitors, we pay incredible attention to detail and carefully inspect the original furniture’s structure and other details, so that we can preserve the unique design features of the furniture during the restoration process.

We guarantee to maintain quality workmanship to our clients and committed to meet all the needs and requirements without compromising on quality. Also, we offer the most sophisticated on-site workrooms, world-class showroom, and the most comprehensive design library so that customers can find or design their dream upholstery.

We believe any piece of well-restored custom furniture will make the customer happy, and that has always been our mission. So, if you are looking for any custom furniture restoration anywhere in Westlake Village, and in greater Los Angeles—Furniture Restoration Westlake Village is the place you need to be!